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This page features interviews with illustrious Osaka athletes
talking about everything from their community to their dreams.
We’ll read about their sport, their experiences, and what they do for fun.
Exclusively on Sports Osaka!

  1. Vol. 01


    Mizuki Matsuda player [Daihatsu]


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  2. Vol. 02

    Sport climbing

    Kai Harada player [Pro climber / Nisshin Fire & Marine Insurance]


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  3. Vol. 03


    Ayaka Asahina player [Shimada Hospital]


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  4. Vol. 04

    Breakin [Bboy TSUKKI]

    Tsuki Iinuma player

    Tsuki Iinuma

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  5. Vol. 05

    Figure skating

    Kazuki Tomono player

    Kazuki Tomono

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  6. Vol.06

    Para swimming

    Mikuni Utsugi player

    Mikuni Utsugi

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