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This page features interviews with illustrious Osaka athletes
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Vol. 04


Tsuki Iinuma player

Tsuki Iinuma

Introducing this time is Tsukimitsu Iinuma, a breaker (break dancer) who is active as a dancer name "Bboy TSUKKI". Breakin has become the official event of the 2024 Paris Sport and is a hot topic now. We interviewed Iinuma, who is showing a hot performance not only in Japan but also on the big stage in the world.

I want to captivate many people
with a performance that makes the world go wild.

Tsuki Iinuma


How did you get started with breakin?

I was interested in seeing my brother dancing, and at first I was imitating him, but when I went to a dance school with my brother, I was impressed by the teacher's performance so that I could attend. became. In particular, the rotating technique called windmill is amazing, and the speed of rotation is extremely fast. I wanted to be able to do myself like a teacher. I've been attending dance school since I was 7 years old, and I'm still under the guidance of that teacher (KAKU). It is also a great master that I am aiming for.

From the beginning, were you confident that you could do it yourself?

I wasn't confident, but I had a stronger desire to do it, so I practiced anyway. Then, I was able to do a windmill in a week. It usually takes several months to be able to do it, and the teacher was surprised (laughs). After that, I felt that the next step, I wanted to try a new technique, and the number of techniques increased. Dancing became more and more fun, and I wanted to improve my level.

When did you really get into breakin?

About a year and a half after I started breakin, I decided to participate in a French tournament. Shortly before that, I started working in earnest. By participating in overseas competitions, I became more motivated to be able to do great skills. Being able to do one big move will give you confidence and motivation. In preparation for the tournament, I was practicing not only with new techniques but also with a focus on pursuing originality.

You are active in competitions around the world, but what is your history of winning so far?

He has won more than 50 times both domestically and internationally. The most memorable of these was the "Crash Bandicoot" tournament held in the Netherlands in the summer of 2019, which won the Best Combo Award. In this tournament, everyone first forms a big circle, and each one goes out to perform, and competes to see who is the most exciting and who has won the hearts of the audience. At that time, I was also impressed with the perfect performance, the atmosphere of the venue was climax, and the Sport was temporarily suspended. I remember getting excited and getting excited.

It seems that the atmosphere of the venue is quite different from the domestic competition.

The scale of the event is different and there are different nationalities, but the Japanese audience is relatively quiet, well-behaved, and calm. Of course, when it gets excited, it gets excited, but it's completely different from the way it gets excited overseas. If you get a great skill or performance, it will be too exciting and will be interrupted many times. After having such an experience, I would like to participate more in overseas competitions and show a good performance.

What is Iinuma's favorite country?

Personally, I like Europe. There are many big tournaments, and fighting with various players has expanded our friendship. Participating in overseas competitions will increase your motivation. But I'm still disappointed when I lose, so I feel like I'll participate again next time and win the championship this time.

I think it is difficult to balance with your studies, but please tell us your usual practice style.

Practice is about 6 hours on weekdays. I also go to a dance school once a week. Practice at home is basically alone. One person can concentrate, and while dancing, he can think about new techniques, formulate a composition, and do image training, so one person is more suitable for him.

How do you spend your holidays?

It's practice (laughs). When I want to take a break, I practice with my school teacher or dance with a different dance companion. Basically, if you don't practice once a day, your body will become heavy and it will be difficult to move. That's why I don't take a break from practice.

The time you spend at school is very valuable.

Yes, I can only meet my friends at school, so I value the time I spend at school. It's a good time to relax.

I'm about to go on to high school, what are your plans for the future?

I haven't decided on the specifics yet, but I plan to go to high school in Osaka. It's still difficult for the time being to balance dance and academics, but I'll do my best.

The support of the locals is also encouraging.

There are many school friends, neighbors, and dance friends in Osaka who support us. Besides, I am very grateful that there are many people I met at various competitions and people who are connected by Instagram all over the country and always give me a message of support. My school friends tell me to buy souvenirs when the overseas expedition approaches (laughs).

Did you hear that you would like to practice overseas in the future?

Yes. I would like to practice dance in Europe and the United States for a certain period of time. There are many amazing players overseas, so I would like to interact with various people and study. By practicing with top-level players, you can learn techniques and movements that only that person can do, and if you acquire a new technique, your level will rise by one. I want to grow up and come back to Japan.

Breakin has been selected as the official event for the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Please tell us your frank impressions.

I had a strong desire to stand on that big stage, so the moment I heard the news that it was decided, I realized that I had set a new goal and was motivated. My biggest goal now is, of course, to be in the Paris Olympics.

What are you currently doing to reach that goal?

We are a member of a training camp (10 men and women) called "BREAKING JAPAN", and we also hold joint training camps for the Olympics. Even though it is a training camp, each person has a different practice method, so it feels like everyone is practicing individually. However, spending time with various players allows us to exchange information and expand exchanges, which is very meaningful.

Has the goal of the Olympics been set and the training content has changed?

The amount of practice has not changed from before. However, since the Olympics are divided into various categories, I can't win with just the rotating technique called "power move," which I am good at. I am practicing while trying to train in total by combining techniques such as "top rock" that dances while standing, "footwork" that dances while crouching, and "freeze" that stops movement. I also think about the composition of the technique myself.

What kind of performance would you like to see in Paris if you were selected as a Japanese national team player?

I want to do my best to do what I can do now so that I will not regret it. I hope more people will see my performance and start breakin.

Finally. Please tell everyone the charm of breakin.

Breakin has many highlights, not only dynamic techniques, but also delicate techniques, beautiful techniques, and composition integrated with music. It's fun just to look at it, but I think it's even more fun if you try it yourself. And I am very happy when I participate in various competitions, win, and have a satisfactory performance. Exchanges also expand through dance. I would like to convey to many people the unique charm of Brainkin.

[Interview date] November 4, 2021 [Interview cooperation] I Am Co., Ltd.
Note: The content of the article is current as of the interview date.

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Tsuki Iinuma [Bboy TSUKKI]

Born in Osaka. Born in 2006. Under the influence of his brother, he started breakdancing at the age of 7 and is active in the dance name of "Bboy TSUKKI". At "WE ARE THE FUTURE", one of the largest kids dance events in Asia held in China, he won the championship for the fourth time in a row from 2016 to 2019. In 2019, he has won the championship more than 50 times so far, such as winning the youngest championship by achieving the unprecedented 7 people in the challenge cup power move 7 to smoke of the famous respect culture in Taiwan. Breakin, the official event of the 2024 Paris Olympics, is one of the leading candidates for Japanese medals.

■ Major awards
- 2017
・ We are the future 7 to smoke victory (China)
・ World power moves kid bboy battle victory (online world competition)
・ Hustle and freeze victory (China)
・ Red bull bc one Japan cipher exhibition battle participation
・ Free spirits free style2on2battle best4 (Germany)
- 2018
・ World power moves power move battle victory (online world competition)
・ Nothing 2 looz Japan cipher victory (Japan)
・ Nothing 2looz world final runner-up (France)
・ We are the future under 17 7 to smoke 3 consecutive victories (China)
・ VU Japan cipher power move battle victory (Japan)
・ THE JAM Osaka cipher under15 victory (Japan)
・ Challenge cup Japan power move 7 to smoke victory (Japan)
・ Break dance dream cup Japan's No. 1 deciding match 4th to 6th grade elementary school championship (Japan)
- 2019
・ Taipei Bboy City 2019 kids freestyle battle victory (Taiwan)
・ World power moves power move battle 2019 victory (online world competition) 3 consecutive victories
・ Full throttle final 2019 U15 victory (Japan)
・ Be bboy 2019 U18 victory (Japan)
・ Money time 2019 U15 2nd place (France)
・ VU japan cipher 2019 power move battle Winner 2 consecutive victories (Japan)
・ VU Pessac world final runner-up (France)
・ We are the future 2019 U17 7 to smoke 4th consecutive victory (China)
・ WDC world final 2019 kids all style 2on2 victory (Japan)
・ IBE crash bandicoot battle 2019 best combo prize (Netherlands)
・ Battle mov 2019 victory (online world competition)
・ Respect culture world final 2019 challenge cup power move 7 to smoke victory (Taiwan)
・ UNEXPECTED JAM vol.5 victory (Korea)
・ BOMB JAM 2019 WORLD BBOY championship vol.11 crew battle victory (China)
・ Groove session 2019 victory (Switzerland)
・ DPC JAM 2019 victory (Switzerland)
・ Taipei bboy city 2019 All STYLE 3on3 victory (Taiwan)
・ Taipei bboy city 2019 power move 7 to smoke victory (Taiwan)
・ All Japan Breakin Championship YOUTH Division 2020 Championship (Japan)
・ SCREAM 2021 victory (Japan)
・ RESPECT CULTURE POWER MOVE ONLINE CONTEST 2021 victory (online world competition)
・ CYPHER IN THE HOUSE 2021 victory (online world competition)
・ BATTLE MIXTURE 2021 2nd place (Japan)
Many other wins

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