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The only bicycle museum in Japan is located in "Bicycle Town Sakai", and 300 bicycles are exhibited in the 3-story building. From the wooden bicycle "Dandy horse" (reproduction), which is said to be the founder of the bicycle born 200 years ago in Germany, to the computer-controlled bicycle of the latest technology, the history of bicycle evolution is divided into 5 stages and explained on the 2nd floor. On the 3rd floor culture floor, we will explain about bicycles that have excellent effects on the environment, health, and society. In the experience corner, you can experience the functions of brakes, transmissions, generators, etc. In addition, at the nearby "Bicycle Plaza," you can test drive nine types of classic bicycle replicas on display at the museum. In addition, it is a hands-on museum where you can experience various things such as bicycle riding classes, traffic safety classes, bicycle maintenance schools and cycling events.

  • Museum exterior

    Museum entrance

  • Museum 1F exhibition storage

    Museum 1F exhibition storage

  • Museum 2F exhibition

    Museum 2F exhibition

  • Museum 3F exhibition

    Museum 3F exhibition

  • Bicycle founder Dandy horse

    Bicycle founder Dandy horse

  • Classic bicycle experience test drive

    Classic bicycle experience test drive

  • Cycling 1

    Cycling 1

  • Cycling 2

    Cycling 2

  • Bicycle traffic safety class

    Bicycle traffic safety class

  • Beginner school

    Beginner school

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Sports Promotion Division, Culture and Sports Office, Culture Department, Osaka Prefectural Government

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