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Roles of the Wide Area Sports Center

Think global, act local.

In 2000, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) issued the Basic Plan for the Promotion of Sports. Put simply, the plan has three policy goals: encourage people’s participation in sports; boost Japan’s sport competitiveness; and strengthen cooperation between schools and communities to encourage lifetime sports.
Wide Area Sports Centers have been established to support the development and operation of comprehensive community sports clubs, a key factor in encouraging people’s participation in sports. In 2004, Wide Area Sports Centers were set up in 38 prefectures nationwide.
Osaka Prefecture is actively supporting the development and operation of comprehensive community sports clubs, which are central to lifetime sports.
The main role of the Wide Area Sports Center is to support the development and management of comprehensive community sports clubs. But that’s not all. We aim to strengthen cooperation between schools and communities for the promotion of lifetime sports, from the perspective of organizing community sports clubs. We also take into consideration the close relationship between organizing community sports clubs and boosting Japan’s sport competitiveness, with a view to realizing a lifetime sports-friendly society unique to metropolitan Osaka.
The Osaka Prefecture Wide Area Sports Center is operating under the motto, “Think global, act local.”

Providing consultation on organizing clubs

The Wide Area Sports Center offers consultation on setting up a comprehensive community sports club.
Feel free to contact us by phone or email.
In some cases, our staff members may visit your group. (Free of charge)

Phone 06-6210-9308

Dispatching advisors

We dispatch specialized advisors as instructors to local study sessions and workshops related to comprehensive community sports clubs. Please contact the Wide Area Sports Center. Note that we may not be able to meet all requests.

Yoshihisa Akamatsu (Professor, Osaka Kyoiku University)

In Osaka, I sense there are growing calls for developing a sports environment from the viewpoint of ordinary citizens, hence more comprehensive community sports clubs. Those of us involved in physical education and sports welcome the expansion of a sports environment in the community. But we need to keep in mind that local residents are the key players in a comprehensive community sports club, and that most of the residents are not involved in physical education or sports as a living. I believe it is important that we rethink the roles of a comprehensive community sports club and what values we can share from a local resident’s perspective.

Masahiko Matsuda (member of Central Planning Team, Comprehensive Community Sport Clubs Promotion Committee, Japan Sport Association)

The word “comprehensive club” may be new, but its concept of “creating an organization where everyone in the community can enjoy sports” is nothing new. But such a club’s comprehensiveness and public mindedness are worth noting. “Comprehensive” means people from different groups joining efforts so that everyone in the community can enjoy sports. “Public minded” means people going beyond their group’s interests and taking the perspective of the local community in creating an environment for sports enjoyment. A comprehensive club emphasizes these two aspects.

Holding club manager workshops

We hold workshops to foster individuals into club managers who have a deep understanding of the significance and necessity of comprehensive community sports clubs, specialized knowledge on establishing and running a club, and high management skills.

→ Past and upcoming workshops


Comments from workshop participants

  • It was very helpful to learn about running a comprehensive community sports club. Some of it was difficult, but overall I think it will benefit me.
  • All of the lectures were packed with information and I learned a lot. It was also fun.

Public relations, awareness raising

Contents of the awareness-raising leaflet

  • Comprehensive community sports clubs—an integral part of the local community
  • Comprehensive community sports club FAQ
  • MEXT promotes development of comprehensive community sports clubs
  • Comprehensive community sports clubs are gathering attention
  • Comprehensive community sports clubs in Osaka Prefecture
The leaflet has been distributed to municipal boards of education and public sports facilities across Osaka Prefecture. Please use it for briefings and workshops in your community.
If you would like a new leaflet sent to you, please contact the Wide Area Sports Center.

Holding exchange meetings

We hold comprehensive club festivals with the aim of contributing to the development of and spreading the word about comprehensive community sports clubs. At these events, visitors enjoy various sports, and clubs interact with each other.

→ Past and upcoming events

Exchange meeting
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Governing body

Sports Promotion Division, Culture and Sports Office, Culture Department, Osaka Prefectural Government

Address37F, Osaka Prefecural Government Sakishima Building, 1-14-16 Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-8555