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2021 Prefectural sports and recreation presentation exchange meeting!

Every year, in early November, a prefectural sports and recreation presentation exchange meeting was held at a facility in the prefecture, and sports and recreation groups in the prefecture announced the results of their daily activities, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus. , This year's presentation exchange meeting will be held on the WEB.
Please take a look at the activities of various groups and participate in the activities you are interested in.
(Click each group name for details of the group)

① Osaka Folk Dance Federation

(2 ) Japan Tai Chi Flexible Ball Federation, a specified non-profit organization

③ Minoh SC Foster Cheerleading White

④ Minoh SC Foster Cheerleading Blue

⑤ Osaka Folk Dance Group Liaison Committee

The prefectural sports and recreation business is carried out with a sports promotion lottery subsidy.

Governing body

Sports Promotion Division, Culture and Sports Office, Culture Department, Osaka Prefectural Government

Address37F, Osaka Prefecural Government Sakishima Building, 1-14-16 Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-8555