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NTT Docomo Red HurricanesNTT DOCOMO RED HURRICANES OO\SAKANTT Docomo Red Hurricanes

NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes
Team introduction
The name Red Hurricanes denotes the team’s desire to be a powerhouse of Japanese rugby and create a whirlwind of red as players storm around the field. The team also strives constantly to put into action its philosophy of using rugby to contribute to society by providing people with dreams and inspiration.

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ABOUT 1 Team appeal and strengths

With their minds set on victory and aggressive play, team members will power ahead from all parts of the field in their own unique brand of rugby.

ABOUT 2 Team aspirations and goals

Under new head coach Johan Ackerman of South Africa, the team is shooting for entry into division 1 of a new rugby league scheduled to start in 2022, and to be in the top 8 teams in the 2021 Top League season.

ABOUT 3 Team mascot

Red Harry

[ Name ]
・ Red Harry
[ Profile ]
・ Trying out for the team’s wing position
・ Date of birth: August 24
・ Height/weight/blood type: Secret!
・ Hometown: Red Hurricane Star

ABOUT 4 Key player

Wimpie van der Walt played a big part in the success of the Japanese national team at the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Governing body

Sports Promotion Division, Culture and Sports Office, Culture Department, Osaka Prefectural Government

Address37F, Osaka Prefecural Government Sakishima Building, 1-14-16 Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-8555