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JT MarvelousJT MARVELOUSJT Marvelous

JT Marvelous
Team introduction
JT Marvelous was established in 1956 and belongs to the Women’s V.League.
They are the 2019–20 V.League Division 1 champions. Based both in Osaka and Hyogo, they contribute to the community through activities such as volleyball clinics in local municipalities. JT Marvelous boast a diverse and talented roster.

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ABOUT 1 Team appeal and strengths

JT Marvelous is characterized by outstanding teamwork on both offense and defense, with all players linking in body and spirit. This unique blend of players is willing to take on any challenge no matter the odds and once again this season will reach for the top.

ABOUT 2 Team aspirations and goals

JT Marvelous is aiming for its second consecutive V.League title.

ABOUT 3 Team mascot

Team mascot: Marvelin
◎ Favorite food
Marvelin loves takoyaki and happily devours it whenever it is served.

◎ Hobbies
He likes warm things.
When someone catches a cold, he likes to put his hand on their forehead to feel the heat of the fever.
When he plays cards, he tries to collect aces. This is probably because in volleyball, getting an ace is a good thing.

◎ Weak point
He doesn’t like cotton candy.
When it’s put in front of him, his expression clouds over.

◎ Other
But he likes boiled eggs. In fact, he eats them shell and all!

ABOUT 4 Key player

Kotona Hayashi

Kotona Hayashi is a candidate for selection for the 2020 Japan national team.

Governing body

Sports Promotion Division, Culture and Sports Office, Culture Department, Osaka Prefectural Government

Address37F, Osaka Prefecural Government Sakishima Building, 1-14-16 Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-8555